View employers, in your state, and city, that hire felons. Apply to major companies, located in your state listing, and view smaller, and more specific employers will be in your city listing. More added daily!  Submit Employers
View federal programs, that are designed to help felons obtain, and keep a job; located in tabs, at the bottom of your state & city listing. Also view State, City specific information, help agencies, and services, in your area. Submit Programs
View condos, homes, apartments, townhomes, local housing agencies, and other rental properties, that accept people with felony convictions. Housing is located within your city listing, if available. More added daily.  Submit Housing

Jobs, Housing, and Programs for Felons

Having trouble finding a job as a felon? Unsure of what federal, and state programs there are, to help a convicted felon find work? Looking for an apartment, or home as a felon, and don't know who will accept you?
Find Jobs, Federal Programs, Housing and other information for felons, in your state, and city. Just choose your State, below, to start browsing the listing. Be sure to check larger companies, in your state listing, before checking your city. We are a newer free service, and do not have a full listings for every city yet; however, we are growing daily, and encourage you to check back often, for new jobs and housing listings, in your area. Be sure to help other individuals out, by submitting employers, and submitting housing properties that accept felons. We can't have enough listings!

If you are an employer, know that you will gain a rather substantial tax credit for each felon hired, per year; so it's rather benificial to list your business on this website. All employers, and housing properties have full control over who they accept. We are a free listing, community, and information service to help convicted felons get some direction, and lead a better life!

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Submit employers, and housing properties that accept felons. Help out your fellow man out, and post valuable information, and get large tax dedudctions for hiring a felon, by adding your business to the listing, for free!

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