Jobs for Felons

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Extensive updates, and service upgrades

 As many of you know, and can tell, we have been doing extensive, and exhaustive upgrades to We are continually trying new ways, and implimenting new ideas that will help you gain an edge in the real world. Our listing for felony friendly employers, and housing are always being updated, and we have completed (mostly) a large portion of the upgrades to ensure that with a mammoth sized listing such as that, it will continue to run fast, and continue being a much needed service for felons.

Easier Access to Submit

We are always looking for more to fill out our listings, and as such, we have added a bar at the top, that gives you a direct link to submit employers, housing, and programs from every page of this website. We hope to get more listings as a result, and so far it's helped quite a bit. 

Request Services

This is a reminder to those of you that have great ideas! There is a category in Felon Help Discussions for you to request certain services, that we don't currently provide. Simply scroll down to the bottom and look for the "Support" area. We urge you to help us, to help you by providing services we haven't even thought of yet.

Long Time No Update

We're sorry for not making a website update post in quite some time, but we have had our hands over-filled with things to do involving Xamire, and it's fine services, and as such, decided to pour ourselves into making things better before posting a new website update. In the futue, updates will be more timely, and consistant. Thanks for your continued support, and utilization of Xamire Felon Help Network, here's to another great year, that we hope is even greater in growth than 2013!

Our Growth in the Community...

Not only have our programs yet again been optimized, we have also been scouring for entries to add to our listings in both the housing and job categories.  Online, in-person, over the phone, and by word-of-mouth, Xamire is growing and changing to fit you, the former felon, every day, and will continue to do so.  Additions to the  discussions, groups, and overall functionality have been made recently as well.  
Don't hesitate to add to Xamire.  Either by posting a new discussion, answering a post, creating a group, or joining one, be sure to stay involved in your community.  As always, don't forget to add an employer or housing agency that is felony-friendly--we thrive on information from everyone!
Lastly, we'd like to thank everyone in the community for all their hard work, and all of our volunteers here at Xamire--good going, everyone!
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Continued information and listings...

We'd like to thank all of our volunteers, working for Xamire. We have been working overtime to gather every last shred of information for felons, ranging from expungement in your county, and even being able to rid yourself of old school debts due to the fact that you have a felony. We will be working hard this month to add all of this information into the employment, housing, programs, and information section of this website. In February, we will be working overtime to market Xamire and it's services to businesses all over America (and soon Canada) so we can get more listings - and make sure they're accurate. We know that there are many cities missing from our listing, and we assure you that we are working very hard to get more jobs, housing, programs, and information in these sections.
It's a very large task, considering how many cities there are in America, not to mention all of the businesses we need to contact. So far our advertising has been a success, and we aim to amp that up a few notches, in the next coming months. As always, we are committed to bringing you the largest, and most accurate help listings for felons - throughout America. We will continue our efforts indefinitely.
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