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Positive Thinking

Discussion started by MorangAries 1 year ago
Hello group, my name is Damario Hopes, and I am new here. I just wanted to say first, I hope you are all doing well in your endeavors. Today, I just want to discuss positive thinking.It is something that we all must have if we expect to achieve in life. At the age of 18, I was involved in a car theft ring, where we stole from corporations. I did my time, which was a 1 and a half to ten, mostly on parole. Immediately after, I enrolled into community college, and studied Psychology for a year, transferred to online with University of Phoenix, where I studied Psychology for another year. (haven't graduated) From there, I went to land good paying jobs without breaking a sweat. I would be hired by one job, and still have other jobs calling. Here's my point. Thoughts are some of the most powerful frequencies in this world. The images that we create in our mind will determine our future. If we always think negative, like everyone owes us something, or you're down and out because you cant find employment, or any other negative situation. If we are creating those thoughts and feelings, guess what? Those exact thoughts will be delivered to you eventually. Start to create happy thoughts often. When you feel down, think of a time, or a person that made you smile, or laugh. Envision how you want your life to be. Believe that this is the life that belongs to you. Don't worry about how it will all change, just have Faith that it does, and know it. Claim it. I say these things now because I have been there, and done that. Therefore I understand the power of positive thinking, and the blessings that it can bring. I really hope that I was able to reach out and touch at least one of you with this. Once again, I wish you all the best in your endeavors. P.S- When you get that interview, own it. Make them understand that you are the asset. You are in control. Peace, love, and blessings. Mario
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Hello friends! I am located in eastern NC and we are snowed in today, So if you are logged in feel free to share with me your struggles, inspiration, questions, concerns or anything else that you would like to talk about. I am a convicted felon too and have been since April 2014 but I will not be defeated. I am currently employed as a home health aid for a very successful agency. But guess what? I will not stop there.....Also feel free to check out my helpful tips/blogs just for you at defeatyourconviction.blogspot.com. I believe that everyone deserves a second chance! Defeat your conviction!!! Let's chat today! Jobs for Felons, Apartments for Felons, Help and Reentry Services - Jobs for Felons
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