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Abusive Relationship

Discussion started by Beautiful Disaster 1 year ago
I met this guy online because I was lonely. I lived with him for six days, he hit the door instead of my face, my family saw the bruises on my arm, he hit me in the stomach and he was very violent when he drank too. When he drank or didn't drink he would corner me in closets to threaten me. He had four children, but I lived with his two daughters. I took them to school, they always cried when their dad got drunk, the mom got them taken away because she got caught with drugs in her car, it was sad and they saw their dad hurt me. He hurt the two women he has children with because I talked to them about it, but it was their fault they had his children, when they knew he was like that. No women needs to put up with a violent drunk man because they could get hurt badly. The whole family was truly a mess, but that is the only man that has physically hurt me. You will never forget the abuse. If you have been abused or being abused then get out of the abusive situation, so you can go seek profession help, right now.
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