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My Guy-friend

Discussion started by Beautiful Disaster 1 year ago
Well, this guy really wanted to meet me after he got out of jail, but I kept on talking about my ex-boyfriend a lot because I broke up with him a lot, I can't stop thinking about him when I am with different guys, I talk about him a lot and I am not over my ex-boyfriend, but my black friend said he is being nice to everyone, now. My friend was talking about things, I don't want to talk about because I don't want to get physical with a guy, right now, I want to read the Holy Bible, pray, go to church and my other friend that knows him is really upset with him too. I feel like my guy-friend just wanted have fun with me, when I am not looking for that kind of relationship, right now. When a guy puts your pictures on the wall, he puts your letters on the wall, then he talks about wanting to be with you then he doesn't call you when he gets out of jail and it seems like he just wanted one thing from me, so that hurts my feelings. If this guy calls me this week then I am going to talk to him about things. I just want guy-friends, I don't want to get physical with any of them, they know this and I just need friends to be there for me too. I want friends that support me, love me, accept me for who I am, they want to be there for me and he is out of jail, now. Talk to you later, but it would hurt your feelings, if you wanted to have friend, but they wouldn't call you back for one reason.
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