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frito lay

No Felon Restrictions

3101 Viona Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland
  • Customer Service
  • General Labor
  • Manufacturing
  • Transport/Trucking
  • Warehouse
Frito Lay in Baltimore Maryland is a felony friendly employer, and a great place to start a lucritive career in foods industry. Hiring general laborers, truckers for transporting, and many more positions available. Apply online for a position today online, or walk in and fill out an application.
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A research study published by a university in Texas surveyed employer attitudes toward hiring exoffenders. Only 12% said that they were willing to hire these applicants. However, 51% said that they would hire ex-offenders if they were bonded.

What the Federal Bonding Program Is:
It is a federal tool, to help a job applicant, obtain employment, and keep it. The program issues Fidelity Bonds, and is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor.

What a Fidelity Bond Is:
Fidelity Bond, through the federal bonding program, is a business insurance policy, that will protect the employer from theft, or property damage, from a dishonest employee. It is a "guarantee," that the new employer, will be an honest worker. The Fidelity Bonds issued under the Federal Bonding Program are insurance policies of the Travelers Casualty and Surety Company of America. The McLaughlin Company in Washington, DC, is the agent for Travelers in managing the program nation wide.

This Bond Can Help You Get Employed:
If you are an ex-offender (Felony, Misdemeanor), or you have a high risk factor, in your background, this bond is given freely, to the employer, as an incentive to hire you. The employer can then hire you, and utilize your skills, without taking a risk, of you being dishonest, while working there.

What The Bond Insurance Covers:
The bond insures the employer, in case of embezzlement, larceny, forgery, or theft. It does not cover job injuries, or poor workmanship.

How To Get Federally Bonded:

You must receive a job offer first, and the employer has to have a date for you to start working for them. The Fidelity Bond insurance policy will then be issued to the employer, from The Mclaughlin Company, of Washington, DC, underwritten through the Travelers Insurance Company. While your local workforce representative, usually informs employers, there are still many that don't know of the federal bonding program. Make sure to inform the employer about this federal proram.

Bond Coverage Amount:
The bond covers $ 5,000, with no cost to you, or the employer, and no deductible. Employers can apply for larger bond amounts, if necessary.

Get More Information On Federal Bonding:

Job Seekers Call:  1-877-US2-JOBS

Employers Call: 1-800-233-2258 ex.246

for the location of the workforce office/one-stop center nearest to your home.
Maryland Federal Bonding Program
Maryland Department of Economic & Employment Development
1100 N. Eustaw St., Room 209
Baltimore, MD 21201
410-767-2010 fax
What is the Work Opportunity Tax Credit?
The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (W.O.T.C.) is a federal tax credit for for-profit employers to be used as an incentive for employers to hire
individuals convicted of a felony and hired within one year after the date of the conviction or release from prison. The tax credit has eight targeted groups: TANF recipients, veterans, ex-felons, high risk youth, summer youth, Food Stamp recipients, SSI recipients, and vocational rehabilitation referrals.

How much can the employer earn:
WOTC can be as much as $ 2,400. It is based on qualified wages paid to the new hire for the first-year of employment. Generally, qualified wages are capped at $ 6,000 The credit is 25% of qualified first-year wages for those employed at least 120 hours and 40% for those employed 400 hours or more.

The reason employers should use this opportunity:
Employers make the hiring decision.
There is no limit to the number of new hires who can qualify the employer for the tax savings.
There is minimal paperwork needed to claim the WOTC.

Maryland Coordinator
Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing & Regulation
1100 N. Eustaw St., Room 201
Baltimore, MD 21201
410-767-2078 fax

National Coordinator
Carmen Ortiz
Washington, D.C.
Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing & Regulation
Division of Labor & Industry
1100 Eutaw St., 6th Floor
Baltimore, MD 21201
410-767-2986 fax
Web Site:

Maryland Criminal Records Repository
The Criminal Records Repository is where individuals can order their police record or "rap sheet." An individual must contact the Criminal Justice Information System - Central Repository to obtain release forms and fingerprints. The cost of obtaining a copy of a record is $18.

Criminal Justice Information System - Central Repository
Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services
1201 Reisterstown Rd., Bldg G
Pikesville, MD 21208
410-339-5000 (General Information)
410-339-4240 fax
Web Site:

Maryland Department of Correction
Prison Industry Program

State Use Industries
7525 Waterloo Rd.
Jessup, MD 20794
Web Site:

Work Release Program

Maryland Division of Correction Headquarters
6776 Reisterstown Rd.
Baltimore, MD 21215
Web Site:

Pre-Release Program
Maryland Division of Correction
6776 Reisterstown Rd.
Baltimore, MD 21215
Web Site:

Post-Release Transitional Program
Maryland Division of Correction Headquarters
6776 Reisterstown Rd.
Maryland, MD 21211
Web Site:

Maryland Division of Parole and Probation
Central Office
Maryland Division of Parole and Probation
6776 Reisterstown Road
Suite 305
Baltimore, MD 21215
(410) 585-3500 (877) 227-8031
(410) 764-4434 fax
Web Site:

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