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Need Advice

Need Advice

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  • jencar Need Advice
    5 months ago

    Hello friends! I am located in eastern NC and we are snowed in today, So if you are logged in feel free to share with me your struggles, inspiration, questions, concerns or anything else that you would like to talk about. I am a convicted felon too and have been since April 2014 but I will not be defeated. I am currently employed as a home health aid for a very successful agency. But guess what? I will not stop there.....Also feel free to check out my helpful tips/blogs just for you at defeatyourconviction.blogspot.com. I believe that everyone deserves a second chance! Defeat your conviction!!! Let's chat today! Jobs for Felons, Apartments for Felons, Help and Reentry Services - Jobs for Felons

    Beautiful Disaster .
    5 months ago
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I need advice about a situation. Several months ago, I was hanging out with this guy's ex-girlfriend, so I let them talk through my phone, when they had a no contact order against each other, so that was a dumb idea, so I am glad that I didn't get in trouble for it, so I changed my cell phone. I saw her sleep with all these guys like convicted murders, Mexicans, blacks, druggies and all these guys that are convicted of bad things to get her drugs or get something to drink, these guys left her and he told me that she sleeps around on him to get drugs. She is nineteen years old, but her and him got caught in a robbery together, the court made them have a no contact order, but they are not following it, I have to follow the rules, the cops said she would have to tell them that he is breaking the no contact order, but she is not going to tell on him and they are on drugs again. They have a parole officer, so I sent a letter to the parole officer, I called them, I said this dude is giving out information and he is contacting me through other people too. It is not against the law to give out people's information, but I got in trouble for it, so it makes me mad, right now. I have been calling the police twice about him living at her house, he is giving my information out, they haven't taken care of it and he called me, today too. The guy said someone is giving out your information. I got a restraining order against another guy, he didn't leave me alone, he wouldn't stop calling me, he wouldn't stop doing stuff and I took care of it. Another guy beat me in the arms, he hit me in the stomach, he threatened me and I got a restraining order against him, so pray about it.
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Oct 17 2016 at 10:00 PM - Oct 12 2017 at 12:00 AM US/Eastern
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White House
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Beautiful Disaster

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1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500, USA