A Liar

#1 by Beautiful Disaster

I am going to diffidently find out where this guy is at, so I can apologize to him. A guy I found out what you have been saying about me and you better stay away from me because I will call the cops on you. A guy, you are the one that said we were doing the M word together not this other guy. The other guy, you are the one that said, "We had fun in a car." The guy is a great guy that never said anything about me, you better stay away from me. A guy, you have lied to me. This guy said, "Your mom, your ex-boyfriend and you had a three way call." I will tell my ex-boyfriend about this and he will sure that you and your little punk friends leave me alone because we will call the cops on you." If you want to make a video of me while you are running a train on me, but you will never get the chance to run a darn train on me. You are weirdo because you gave my number out. I would never do the M word with you. I would never touch you. I know you did this guy. I am sorry, but you are back off and leave me alone. I know you are bad news. I believe this guy more than you. A guy, I know you are bisexual because I have heard it more than once. My ex-boyfriend is right, "A guy is a liar." A guy, did you have fun with another man in Pod 19? I am going to thank my friend for telling me the truth. You all have diseases. I know your friends are messed up. I am going to send all these messages to man the one you had fun with. A guy, "You have been telling your ex-girlfriend that you want to marry her." David, "You are some sick weirdo," actually your friends are all sick weirdos, my ex-boyfriend's friends I can deal with because they are not anything like your nasty friends, your friends would sleep with anything that has legs and I will be sending you this letter that he sent me too.