In Love

#1 by Beautiful Disaster

Quick tip to any guy that I have dated after I have been with my ex-boyfriend: 1st thing is that I have pictured a future with my ex-boyfriend a long time ago. One day, we had Chelsey (small dog) lay by us then I pictured my ex-boyfriend and I lying by our baby together when we were taking a picture at Camera Angles. Then I pictured us getting married way down the road. I think I was really young when I pictured a guy I was going to marry. The guy I was going to marry had dark hair like my ex-boyfriend, my ex-boyfriend fit the part in my dream, he was tall like my ex-boyfriend and he had a body like my ex-boyfriend's, but the guy was just missing a face in my dream, so I had to find the man's face to match the body. 2nd thing: We both can't get over each other. 3rd thing: We can't stop thinking about each other. 4th thing: We both try to move on, but we both can't move on because we are both in love with each other. 5th thing: We talk about each other a lot to other people. 6th thing: I helped him beat his situation, so he is not a S.O anymore. He did tell me the truth. She was making moves on him, but he knew better. He did live down stairs. We all have had people move on. Some people fall into the trap. I have never been over my ex-boyfriend. 7th thing: I don't care what my ex-boyfriend did in his past. My dad stuck up for my ex-boyfriend. My father actually likes my ex-boyfriend. My father has never talked to any guy that I have been with in a serious way. He talked to my ex-boyfriend. My dad said, "What do you want to do in the future?” I was really sad to hear my ex-boyfriend's reaction that he doesn't want to do nothing. My ex-boyfriend told my dad, “I love your daughter I want to be with her.". Then my dad said, "Then what is your future plans.". My ex-boyfriend was talking about what he wanted me to do, then my dad said, “It seems like you want her to do all the work.". My dad said, "Ex-boyfriend, I want to introduce you to my family.". Those two get into it, but my dad and I just ask my ex-boyfriend to get a job that is it. My dad told my ex-boyfriend, " My daughter can't do this alone.". When those chicks were bullying me online then they were making fun of him. M.R. said, "My husband wants to beat up your boyfriend because what he did to a young person, but they had known clue what my ex-boyfriend's story was about. K.M. said, "It is not my fault that your boyfriend is a s.o.” I said online that he was c.m., but he told me that people told me that. They kept on calling him names because they wanted to hurt me like I hurt them. I told his p.o about it. I told the police that M.R's husband was threatening to beat him up. She said, "He knew Tex.". She said, "He made Tex really mad, so he wanted to beat him up.". Those comments got deleted because I told authorities about it. I think people knew his friends. They said, "Girl, you are such a Christian then why are you dating a s.o. I would stay away from from these people because they are bad news. When I said, "I used to s-text," then they put some women on there to say that was me. Then they made up a P.G. website to make up things about me, but I can't pin point who that is yet, but I can stop this, if I found who that is, if my ex-boyfriend can help me. I want people to find out who that is. I need to find someone special to find out who it is. They kept on posting websites about me. I tell you the names of K.M. and M.R. later. K.M. admitted that M.R. was making me mad on purpose. Then they had a few more fake accounts. I think P.G. is M.R. because they were both calling my ex-boyfriend names. They both attacked me the same. They both said the same dang thing to me. Immortal was another one they made up. She said, "She is still making fake accounts to watch us.". A.M. was another account that popped up. She was bullying me for having a faith in God. I said it is against the law to harass s.os because it says under an s.o's profile that nobody can harass their family, their friends, their loved ones and they can't harass the s.o either. I could of got them in some deep stuff, if they continued to cyber bully him online when he was not looking at it. On jail websites, it says, "We are here to protect the inmates from harm. K.M. and M.R. are part of my situation that I am going through, right now, so I am afraid to mention their names. I told them the name of who got him in the mess. I told them the real story, so they shut up about it. I know M.R. and K.R. sent those messages to the person that got me in this mess. I would stay away from these people that got me in this mess because they are messed up people. They purposely try to get people in trouble. I am done here. Talk to you later. Enjoy the day. I got to go because I am relaxing, now.