Old News

#1 by Beautiful Disaster

These are stories about how a woman tries to say I was pregnant with your child, so I aborted it, but the woman tells the man after he broke up with her. He never saw the sonograms. He never saw her go to an abortion clinic. She wants him to feel guilty because he broke up with her. I can't stand women that try to trap a guy. My ex-boyfriend admits that he doesn't treat women badly right after we were done. I stress eat, so I look pregnant, but I am not pregnant. His ex-girlfriend made up two stories to my boyfriend. After they broke up, she said I fell down the stairs to loose our baby then she said after he broke up with her that she went to an abortion clinic to kill the baby. My boyfriend admitted that you can't be with someone twenty-four seven, but that is true. If you are homeless then you can be together twenty-four seven. If you work together then you can be together twenty-four seven. You can't go to the bathroom together in public. We all know his other ex-girlfriend says, "I am pregnant with all these guys she sleeps with.". The next ex-girlfriend tried to trap my boyfriend with the fake baby story. The other ex-girlfriend tries to trap any guy she sleeps with by saying she is pregnant with their child. I don't know the next ex-girlfriend, but I don't want to know the next ex-girlfriend because I know she lied to my man about being pregnant with his child because she had two different stories for one story. When the next ex-girlfriend gets pregnant then nobody will believe her because she has lied about it. The other girlfriend lies to men because she says she is pregnant with their child. I would stay away from these children because they fake to be pregnant to trap a guy or make them feel guilty for leaving them. These women are desperate. These women are lonely. I would stay away from certain women. My boyfriend is finally convinced that his next ex-girlfriend lied about the baby story because if she has two different stories for one story then she is lying to you. She was probably getting fatter not pregnant. My boyfriend caught her in lies, so how does not know if she cheated on him, if she lied to him. My ex-boyfriend never lied to me because I met him when he had his ankle bracelet on. We went to a church that was a school then he had to confess everything to me that day. He told me he lived downstairs at this girl's house, she was fourteen years old then they broke up when he lived there, I met the girl that accused him of all this and she said that was true, so he got out of that mess because I interfered then she texted me that my mom made me do it. I thought he was texting women, but this number called me, he said these are the women I texted on the phone, he told me about women during the day and he never lied to me. I hope you enjoy reading these stories, today. You have a great week. Talk to you later on.