Boyfriend's News

#1 by Beautiful Disaster

Nobody knows nothing about my boyfriend. My boyfriend grew up with an abusive father because he drank to much. My boyfriend got tired of his dad beating him up, so he learned how to fight, so he started beating up on his dad. His mom finally left his dad. The dad is not around. He has three sisters. His twenty-one year old sister has two children and she is married. He has two sisters that have children too. He has two woman that told him that they were pregnant with his child after he broke up with him. This one woman cheats because she never gets pleasured enough by a man, so she moves on and finds a man that pleasures her, but she will never find the right man because she wants pleasure not love. I don't know his other ex-girlfriend. His other girlfriend told him two different abortion stories. She said, "I fell down the stairs and lost the baby.". The other ex-girlfriend said, " I went to an abortion clinic to kill the baby," she said all this after they broke up, but an abortion cost plus you have to be sixteen weeks pregnant to have an abortion. If you have two different stories for one story then you know they are lying to you. The other ex-girlfriend tells every man she sleeps with that she is having their child, but she can't be pregnant, right away. He hasn't had a good life. We learned about a hair piece. In the 60's, men were leaving their wives for younger women. Men love looking at old cars. Mark Hoover are concerned about church people. We read Matthew 23:24-25. We read Psalm 139:23-25. The people close to you see the flaws. If you imagine then it is not coming true. Anything fake will own you. Tell the truth. Talk to you later. Be good too. Most of these people sitting in these jails weren't raised right. Most people that start doing things to children is because they were physically abused as a child because adults don't normally mess with children. Everybody has a reason for their actions. Nobody says I did it because I just wanted to do it. People take advantage of people because they have been taken advantage of. Doctor Phil says people do things because they have seen it done to them. One eighteen year old was talking about his childhood. He was seven years old when he saw his dad looking at naughty things, but his dad was wearing a red dress when he was looking at it. His dad abused him physically, so he abused his sister physically too. I stay away from Denise Jarvis because she says some disturbing stuff. She watches siblings doing it on Youtube, get away from me sicko. I am sorry her mom and step dad physically abused her, but she has major problems, so everybody needs to stay away from her. She does heavy stuff. She gets in guy's faces. She starts hitting guys. She says hit me, so she likes a man to abuse her, so we all know she is not right in the head. My dad met her once, so we all know she is not right in the head. Nobody really likes her because when people first meet her then they can tell she is bad news how she cares herself. She doesn't take showers. She doesn't shave, but the shaving part doesn't matter to me, but the cleanliness matters to me. She leaves everything a mess. She never cleans up her mess. She let's guys come and do her for money or heavy stuff, so she is so used it is gross, so I would stay away from her. Victoria must go to bars a lot because they met there. Some people get in trouble because they made a bad choice in friends. These guys think winning women's heart is talk dirty to her because that is all they know because that is the women that they used date in the past, so they don't know how to treat woman that is right in their head because the women that they have dated are one-hundred percent not right in the head. Have a great day. Talk to you later. Be safe. You need to stay in the clear.