Need a new "Minority Status" and felon unity

#1 by TerryMann

When will there be enough felons for felons to gain a "Minority Status"?

Currently, depending on the information you can find there are between 6 & 8 million felons in the country and more than a half a million released from probation or parole yearly. This number of felons being released per year has been on the increase be 6 to 10 percent yearly since the 70's.

Since this is a group that fits the "Minority Status" requirements under the "Bill of Rights" and the Constitution. Again, I ask, when will there be enough felons for felons to gain a "Minority Status"?

The other thing the people in this country need to realize is that with approximately 7 million felons as a group, a heck of a lot of work can get done by people with good skills. No one wants to hire them, but there is a value if the felons start working for each other to support the people supporting the felons. If you figure 2.5 supporters to each felon you then have a group of over 24 million people working together to a common goal of a better life. Felons know how to do a lot of things well and they will support and respect the people supporting them. Felons will also support each other because most of them are used to the lack of opportunity from disenfranchisement and are also used to a group loyalty mentality.

Working together in unity and cooperatively works. Just look at the military or the justice system.