My Boyfriend

#1 by Beautiful Disaster

I am tired of picking guys like my father because they don't know how to care about my feelings. When I was younger my dad didn't have time for my problems. He admitted that he didn't care about my problems. All my ex-boyfriends didn't have time for my problems, so I gave up telling them my problems or I told them my problems, but I knew they didn't care about my problems. Every time, I told my dad I had problems then he just brushed it off like he didn't care. He knows he didn't care about my problems. I hated to cry in front of my father because it showed my weakness to him. I never felt good enough for my father, but I am going to show him up, so he has nothing to say about that. I hated disappointing my father. Don't talk to my dad about this because it will cause conflict. My dad knows about this. My dad went out to drink with his buddies when we were younger. My dad and mom got into fights when he stayed out at night, so please don't that kind of stuff to me. My mom would throw stuff at my father because she was mad at him for what he was doing to the family. My mom never did heavy stuff. My dad did heavy stuff. She was having fun when she was sixteen years old with a fourteen year old, but that was allowed to happen. My dad was having fun with a lot chicks. My mom only has done two men in her life that I know of. They fight constantly when they are struggling with money. My dad had problems looking at women, so that effected their relationship too. I want a man that wouldn't care to see me cry, he would wipe the tears off my cheeks, he would hug me when things are happening and he would say it will be alright. I hate showing my weakness to a guy that loves power over me. I tell you that I know my dad had power over me, so that is why I think I pick guys like that. I want a man to protect me, a man should never over power a woman, he needs to respect a woman and a man should never make a woman fear him. A woman should never put the fear in a man. This ex-girlfriend of a guy I know is going to be beat up by a man, if she keeps physically hurting them. I wouldn't doubt a guy's ex-girlfriend will be killed by a man because she keeps physically hurting them. If a man kills her then we will know why. I don't care what this guy's ex-girlfriend does because she is not making the right decisions. She flat out knows what she is doing is wrong. I don't want a man to talk dirty to me because I am not a trashy girl that looks for a man that wants one thing. I am looking for a man that can always be there for me, he wipes the tears off my cheeks then he will tell me things will be ok, I am looking for a man that I can show my weakness too without them judging me and he will always be there for me. I am looking for a man that is only interested in looking at me because when a man looks at other women then I know that ruins relationships because I have seen it done before me. My ex-boyfriend was only looking at me, but he was trying because we had several conversations about that. He was only looking at me when he was around me. He did get mad at me when I was with other guys, so he started looking at other women to make me jealous, but he was in the right he could do that to me. I only know of one guy that probably cheated on me. Chris is the only one that cheated on me. Guys told me when they started looking at women. My first ex-boyfriend was four years older than me. I was eighteen years old. He was twenty-two years old. We would watch two people having fun because he didn't want to hide it from me. He had women magazines in the bathroom, so he didn't hide it from me. He had a woman picture in his room, so he didn't hide it from me. If they hide women material from you then you know most likely they are cheating on you. If they are hiding anything from you then you know they are cheating on you. Chris had other woman's clothes at our house, so I know he was hiding stuff from me because how did this lady's clothes get in our laundry basket. My grandparents liked Chris. Chris did heavy stuff. He drank with his friends. He did all kind of stuff, but he didn't hide it from me because I would go with him. When people choose drugs over life then I have to walk away. We all got hurt because my ex-boyfriends choose a life that I didn't want to be involved in. When a man looks at women then it hurts me because I don't think I am good enough for them. When a man looks at other women when he has a spouse (woman) then it destroys her body image because she doesn't think she is good enough for that man, but same goes with men when they see their woman look at another man then destroys their image too. My man really needs to think what kind of man you want to be before you start a relationship with me. My brother really has no bad effect on me, so you don't have to worry about me.