Lying Friend

#1 by Beautiful Disaster

Old friend, I know you are lying to me again because my gay best friend got my one stamp when I sent it to him because he told me I just got one stamp from you. You are milking me out of money, so you can send letters to your ex-girlfriend or your wife, so you are cheating on her or maybe not. You can't tell the truth because when I ask you the second time then you back up your story twice every time you talk about it. You are not telling anybody the truth because if I was with some guy for three years then I would know more about him than you do. He wouldn't hurt you because he wouldn't want to hurt you. Some day you might get hurt, if you keep on making up stuff about people because some people don't like rumors about them that is not true about them. I don't think anybody likes anything said about them that is not true. You know when I met some guy's ex-girlfriend then I knew she wasn't telling the truth because she said this then she said that then you know she is not telling the truth like you do that too. Sometimes, I wish nobody gave you my cell phone number because I know what you say is not true, but you are lucky nobody wants to mess with you because all the lies you say about people. You are telling my ex-boyfriend's friends are lying about him when they were with him constantly. They told me he was flirting with women to make me jealous then he told me he flirted with women to make me jealous, when I wasn't there. He told me what he did when we broke up. It is gross that women try to have some fun to get money, but he doesn't mess with women like that because I know that. His friends would tell me he was doing heavier things then they were, but I already knew that. Don't tell me they are lying because I know you are lying about it, now.