Job Interview

#1 by Beautiful Disaster

My name is who. Before I became a felon, I worked in retail. I worked at JcPenney's. I worked at Dillard's. I helped people find what they were looking for. People enjoyed my help because I kept on smiling at them, I was friendly to them, I was honest with them and they loved me checking them out because I was fast at it. I worked at Dillard's. First, I was working in the women clothing department, I helped customers find things, I checked people out and I cleaned fitting rooms too. I worked with special need children for eight years until I got a criminal background. The children had problems, so I had to help them in the bathroom, I had to work with them on their homework, we had to do hands on things because they need help, we had to watch them all day and we had to help the teacher too. My criminal background has showed me a lesson in life.