Happy Easter

#1 by Beautiful Disaster

John 11:16 Lazarus was sick in Bethany. Mary washed him with her hair. Mary and Martha are Lazarus's sisters. Jesus stayed with them for two days. We read John 14 in church. They went to Judea. Jesus brought Lazarus from the dead. Martha met Jesus to say help. Mary stayed in the house. Jesus wanted to see Mary. Lazarus was dead for four days. Jesus put the cloth over Lazarus's head. They plotted Jesus's death. John 20 was read in church. John 14 is talking about Thomas. Philip said "Show me Jesus then we will be satisfied.". Paul and disciples saw Jesus then 500 people saw Jesus. Mary Magdalene saw the Jesus's tomb open. Peter and the disciples saw him gone. You will never be good enough for Jesus so I am sorry too.