New Man

#1 by Beautiful Disaster

I got a nasty message from my ex-boyfriend about me dating little boys. He said that you two were talking or whatever you are doing. He is going to make my life miserable because I don't want to be with him. I am done with it all. This other guy started the drama about my ex-boyfriend and this other woman. I want to be in a relationship with this new guy, but I want my ex-boyfriend won't leave me alone. I especially want him to leave my new man alone. Tell me what he said to you. You need to call me because I am about to tell him something, but I am going too. Just call me. My brother and his girlfriend is coming over soon. We are going to be eating soon. I have been done with him. He just won't leave me alone. Talk to you when you call me. I don't know if I can message again