Car Please

#1 by Beautiful Disaster

Dear Ex-boyfriend, Thank you for calling me. Thank you for writing me. I used to love you because you did have a job with a guy at one time, you put money on your Vision Card, you spent money on me and you were so kind to me. When you got back on the streets with your heavy stuff users, drinking, you became a person that I strongly disliked and I don't know what to do with you. I don't know how you have a picture of this woman, but she is married. She is married to another guy, but he is not in that jail. You have changed since you were hanging out with your old friends. You have been doing a lot of heavy things, so you have been angry, you have been hitting things, you have treated me so wrong and I will never forget what you have said to me. You have been telling me that you will get a job for several years, now, but you haven't yet. I want to move on with my life because we are going nowhere in life because you don't want to fight that thing to become free, you don't want a job, you want to be homeless and that is it. You have hurt me emotionally what you say to me. You are not kind to me. You treat me like garbage because you call me names, you are mean to me, you are not nice to me and you don't want nothing to do with church. You refuse to get on medication. This other guy can talk to me, if he wants too. I finally want to move on with a man that has a job or is planning to get a job, he has a car or getting a car, he will support me and treat me like a queen too. People said you had a notebook in your hand and calling people, so what was that about. Have a great evening. Talk to you later. Sincerely, Unknown.