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I see Walmart Colorado is on the felon friendly employer list...NOT TRUE! Was recently offered a job there at a Colorado location, then offer withdrawn bc on application it asked if EVER convicted of a crime...I was honest and listed my felony (non-violent) from 10 years ago. I have not had so much as a traffic ticket since my conviction, but seems it will haunt me 4-ever! (Must wait 12 years to have expunged)

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This is very true with some branches, and some hiring personnel. Be sure to include this information in the listing for walmart, so others can see that your city's walmart doesn't hire felons. There are many other walmarts that do hire felons though, such as where I live, my friends husband got hired, and he has homicide felonies.

So it just matter which place, and who is doing the hiring. Go into the listing, for colorado, and click on walmart, and then at the bottom leave a comment on which walmart you applied, and got denied from, so others can bypass that one. Thanks for heads up though!

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Ty for response will put info on walmart on page as you suggested. It seems some people will hold past mistakes against us, even tho I did the time and learned my lesson! Am hoping in 2 years to have this expunged and put it behind me.

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My boyfriend works for walmart and has a few felonies, so im pretty sure its just like they said... its up to the person hiring.

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yeah... this big fat cat with all there fortune and wealth often forget about the little people. Why would they care about felonys and their issues. no one that is not a felon can understand the struggles we go thru on a daily basis.

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What your conviction was for makes allthe difference. NATIONWIDE, people and employers are uncomfortable with sex-offenders, identity thieves, and vandals. Actually, the real people they should be leery of are drug dealers and prostitutes because they are the real promoters of all other areas of crime. I wish you well.

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One of the things we must realize felons are people too. They have families and loved ones who depend on them. I think the problem is society really doesn't understand when a debt is paid to society we are to give felons a second chance. What I am doing in my community as I take on a new challenge of helping felons is I have been on the phone contacting companies and meeting with them to let them know what we do. We help felons find jobs and give them the resources they need to compete and succeed with a job. I think it has to do with talking and convincing a client or company that the person you are wanting to hire will do a great job in spite of their past. That's the key here. We have to give them a second chance. I think I do a good job convincing companies to give felons a chance. Most never let me down. Even the sheriff went on an interview with a felon who was about to be released. He walked away with a job paying $12.00 hourly because the sheriff vouched for this person. It turned out this inmate was an excellent worker and not regret the decision that was made to hire him. We have to convince companies it would be in the best interest to hire felons. Many have awesome skills that are needed today. Don't give up, keep trying doors will open if you keep knocking.

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I agree with you. We all make mistakes and felons deserve a second chance. God bless you and all you are doing to help others.

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Walmart in Aurora on Exposition is not felon friendly.

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whyl are you not felon friendly since we have done are time and since we can be bondable etc

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