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    • Beautiful Disaster's Avatar
    • Suicidal Thoughts
    • Some days, I feel suicidal because I am tired of the sheriffs beating up my best friend, I am tired of hearing...
    • Beautiful Disaster's Avatar
    • Six Years
    • I don't know why I have been so close to my dad. When I was younger I had weird thoughts about my brother and...
    • Beautiful Disaster's Avatar
    • My Father
    • When my ex-boyfriend gets out of the trouble he is in somehow then he is planning to change his name. He is...
    • Beautiful Disaster's Avatar
    • Christian Faith
    • I need a place to stay because my dad is making me upset. My dad is talking bad about my ex-boyfriend, when he...
    • Beautiful Disaster's Avatar
    • Stop Drama
    • I am done talking about my ex-boyfriend because I am the one that personally knows him. He has never lied to...
    • Beautiful Disaster's Avatar
    • My Ex-Boyfriend
    • My ex-boyfriend is the most caring person that I have met in my life. He has the felony. I should of pressed...
    • Beautiful Disaster's Avatar
    • Bad News
    • Tell me why is a person contacting the person in jail if they said they were took advantage by them, why let a...
    • Beautiful Disaster's Avatar
    • In Jail
    • This is people's opinion when they are in jail, "The white men stay in their own group, so they don't get took...
    • Beautiful Disaster's Avatar
    • Corpus Christi
    • Corpus Christi is a beautiful place. I have been by the ocean, I have been on a ship that had a diner in it, I...
    • Beautiful Disaster's Avatar
    • The Computer
    • I am going to get off here. I am lonely on this Earth, but I know I have God and Jesus, but without friends...

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