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I am a striving young lady who has a nice resume but had some set backs. Its been years and i stil cant find a job that will hre me. Am I looking wrong or what? Any place hiring felons in the bay.

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You might try starting with the California Employment Development Department, at, or contact them via phone at their Oakland branch: (510)622-4333.

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I will be leaving the Bay Area in December, but have had lots of experience in the area as a felon looking for work. You didn't say what fields you are looking in. Just a suggestion, but have you considered Culinary Arts. It's a VERY felon-friendly occupation in the Bay. I got my training in Oakland through the Salvation Army's Kitchen of Champions program. It's only 3-4 months, and they have excellent networking for employment. They cram a lot of training in a very short time. It's a highly respected program with guest chefs, etc. Also, the Bread Project in Emeryville/Berkeley has a similar program. Both cater to low-income students. I received my training while at the Federal halfway house. San Francisco has many non-profits that cater to ex-felons, more so than Oakland. So check around and good luck!

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am on the same boat and am in accounting which you would think one will find fast, well reality is no. They treat us like criminals and am suppose to support my children based on the judge, go figure. Well am on welfare, homeless looking for a shelter, the 500.00 they give me is to pay rent in a small room and no money for anything. I wish you luck and if you know of any company let us know, I leave in Hayward.

Take care and good luck

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