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    • My Friend
    • I can tell someone is lying when they say that he wants to marry me and have my children when they were talking...
    • Beautiful Disaster's Avatar
    • Internet Crime
    • They can't prove that you are doing things to them physically, but they can see it through communication you had...
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    • At Home
    • I am going to get off here. Talk to you later. I have to be home before it gets dark. Enjoy your evening....
    • Beautiful Disaster's Avatar
    • His Friends
    • My friend said that I don't know if your ex-boyfriend ever cheated on you because he didn't say he cheated on...
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    • Jealous Games
    • Thank you for your comment. Well, every guy I date has jealously issues because I am pretty, women even think I...
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    • Bad Men
    • Men can lie to women. I got took advantage of one time, my boyfriend at the time told me I could go on a walk...

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