• juljoh
    12 hours 5 minutes ago

    I'm in my 40's mother of 2,in the middle of a divorce from a 20 year marriage. I have a pending harassment simple misdemeanor which I am finding to be a bit of a problem trying to get a job,or to some other things I need to do. I have little to no credit and may have to file bankruptcy. I'm will have some kind of job soon. I need housing for us to get a better life and away from the verbal, mental and physical abuse from their father. We need help to be a normal happy family. One of my children has some special needs and she needs this most of all,she can't grow in our current situation. Need a break - feeling annoyed

  • NickyMonay

    Looking for a place and job in Vegas..anyone know anything? I havea felony in grand theft that is 6 years old but itstill prevents me from getting a place or job...HELP!!

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    2 days ago

    The Nolef Group

    * http://www.nolefgroup.com *   The Nolef Group is a community based organization that provides a wide range services to those who have been incarcerated and in need of basic services upon exiting the penal system. Services include assistance in employment placement, stable housing, education advancement, among others. The founder and CEO, Ken Cassidy, has created this organization based on personal experience as an inmate within the Department of Corrections and through his first hand experience, saw the need for basic services.

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  • markweir86
    7 days ago

    Hi everyone I have a felony assault on a peace officer and a family violence 3 degree misdemeanor for getting into an altercation with my brother. Me and my fiance have four kids and are needing a 3 bedroom 2 bath in the north Austin and cedar park areas asap. PLEASE can someone help I can afford 1200 a month and pay extra deposit if needed

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  • derdaz
    1 week ago

    Hi I'm trying to find a place to live in layton utah that accepts felons can any body help me

  • danbro
    1 week ago

    Hello everyone my name is Daniel and I have a question. I am a convicted SO, and completed parole in September 2014, while on parole I had a lot of motivation and ambition to hurry up and get off of it and get my life back together. I finished my associates degree and am currently pursuing my Bachelor's in Graphic Design. I have noticed that since I've gotten off of parole my motivation for nearly everything has plummeted. sometimes getting out of bed seems to be a choir, there have been times when I've stayed indoors for a week at a time. I know that I am off parole and are no longer subject to supervision guidelines, but feel more comfortable staying at home. To give everyone a little insight I am a Army Veteran who deployed to Iraq 03' shortly after discharging from the military committed my crime. I ended doing a total of 6 years than 2 years of close supervision parole.

    I was wondering if anybody else has had similar experiences as mine or if someone could give me some insight into what could be going on?

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  • Mamaduck The Nolef Group
    2 weeks ago

    I was released on August 22, 2013 after being locked up for almost nine months! I am currently working at Dollar Tree but not getting a lot of hours! I need a better job with more hours and will be needing housing! I am currently staying with family but will eventually need to get a place of my own since my husband will need to have a place to go to when he gets released as well! If you are able to help me, I would greatly appreciate it! Sincerely, Mamaduck!

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