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    What is this, an offender fb? Lol

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  • ChristinaC

    My boyfriend is getting out of prison in 27 days he's going to a halfway house but we need resources to get us a apartment we live in Arizona

  • samrose88
    2 days ago

    I am a single gainfully employed felon who is looking for a felon friendly place to rent for my son and me in Boise Idaho. I have two felonies but am nothing like the person I was then and have a list of things to prove this. If anyone can help please let me know. I need a place by the end of August

  • Duke20111
    2 days ago

    I'm a single Father of a two year old son with special needs I'm looking for stable employment

  • Robert Lykes
    2 days ago

    Felon Seeking Work in or near Oroville California, Haven't been able to find long term work since 2013 due to my record which was clean for 32 years until my eldest son decided to start heading the wrong way in life by stealing from school and lying repeatedly , tried all the Dr. Phil stuff for about 8 Months finally ended up spanking him with a belt which is how I was raised but recently found out its illegal in California. So rather then sit in Jail and try to fight it I took a deal to try to get out and keep looking for work so I can provide for my family. if you can help. Thank you and God Bless.

  • 2 days ago

    I'm an ex-con in need of a break,a opportunity to get back into the workforce to provide for myself and get a roof over my head.

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    I'm a convicted felon with an assault charge looking for a job. I didn't do any jail time, just got slapped with a felony for a fight I got into. I worked in retail for 11 years before my felony, and wondering if there are any companies out there that will hire me. I've been turned down by every company that I've applied for. Hope someone out there can help me thanks.

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  • MC735 created a new topic ' Where to start?' in the forum.

    My son was convicted about a year ago for possession of narcotics in Connecticut. He was not dealing, has no history of violent crime, but, and I know you've all heard this before, even a minimum wage job flipping burgers is out of reach... Background checks are now the norm for even the most menial jobs thanks to the internet and the corporate policies of no felons may be hired. The reality that his future is very bleak is crushing... As far as I've been able to determine, CT doesn't have any program to help people find even subsistence wage jobs. I tell him to keep looking and something will turn up and try privately owned businesses, etc. but deep down, I feel it is a lost cause. There doesn't seem to be any thought given to what a burden people like this will eventually cost the state in cost of incarceration, lack of tax revenue, etc. The price of being a drug addict... I get the overwhelming feeling that in these difficult fiscal times, the powers that be would just prefer that these people OD rather than clog up the system.

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  • jmichaels
    3 days ago

    Can any one help with programs, housing and jobs in New Jersey?

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    4 days ago

    You Have Rights Too

    You Have Rights Too, www.youhaverightstoo.org, is a cost and ad-free employment assistance orgainzation dedicated to ex-offenders. Finding fulfulling and meaningful employment is the key to successful reentry after a period of confinement.  Stay relevant, read the local newspapers, take part in church and civic groups as a voulunteer as people will see you as a caring and genuine human being and become a link in a chain to new opportunities. Dealing with rejection and carrying the status of an ex-offender is difficult, but it doesn't have to be insurmountable.  If you have something to live for, you can live through anything to reach your goal. Please cotnact us if we can be of help at youhaverightstoo.org.

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  • 5 days ago

    What Jobs Are Hireing Right Now

  • 5 days ago

    my husband and i are moving to northwest arkansas (fayeteville area) due to his job. Everywhere we call doesn't alllow felons and some even say misdemenors. He was convicted of aggravated burglary in 2010 in arkansas,
    any suggestions

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