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      my short term goals are to find a job and start saving money to purchase a home with my fiance. i would like top pay off some debts and get my vehicle in working order as well. my long term goals are to eventually start a family and live my life as normal as i can possibly do so for the duration of my life.
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  • JRiver sex offenders groups
    3 weeks ago

    so, hi. i recently discovered this site, and im glad i did however im not sure how helpful it will be. i was released from prison in 2014 and i had one job but because i wear a gps monitor it caused complications that could have easily been avoided had my probation officer been more knowledgeable about the equipment. so now i have been unemployed for almost four years. i dont have any degrees because i went in to prison at age 18 to 25. i am intelligent and learn quickly, i have a strong work ethic and i believe in God, however, despite all these things the only part of me that a potential employer sees is my record. the political stance is that our children need to be protected therefore all sex offenders must be ostracized from society. which is utter nonsense of course because the statistics clearly state that sex offenders have the lowest percentage of recidivism in the country. i am not sure where to go from here, but any advice would be greatly appreciated

    Lifeability Realistically, this site will be of limited help - few people still come here. So many things go into getting a job - it depends on your local job market, your skills, and of course how you present yourself. A good job coach can help you with that last part. Being able to tell your story is critical for folks with a criminal history, even more with a sex offense. A certificate from completing treatment has also been very helpful for a number of my clients.
    3 weeks ago

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