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  • Rikdrokr replied to Hi I am new
    5 months ago

    New and wits end. Worth more in the dirt than breathing according to my life insurance policy.

  • Rikdrokr
    5 months ago

    I was wrongly arrested for a sex crime...long story that begins with an adopted child 15 yes old. The sheriff dept,police, detectives, and DHS were all involved. They sampled my house, shed, car, phone, computers...very thorough job. Results...nothing. not even a nucleotide sequence of DNA, physical of the 15 year old showed no evidence of Sodomy. No, I did not have to go to prison but still received 15 years suspended sentence otherwise it would have been a my word against his word trial and that was a chance me and my family could not take as we believe the sympathy would have been with the boy. I would have started out in the hole and I don't think F.Lee Bailey could have helped. So here I am a person of no value and prospect of supporting my family. I now carry the mark of Cain. Thank God my wife, kids, and grandkids still love me and they know I am innocent. It bothers me they got a first hand view of the justice system where I live. To serve and protect...more like to arrest and convict..I have a decent life insurance policy and I was thinking the other day I am worth more in the dirt than breathing air. Still looking for legal work...can anyone help. Thank you and God bless you and yours.

    chrisjnicodemus Not worth more in the dirt, I know the feeIing but trust me get that out of your head. I was convicted of attempted distribution, lost my job, and had a hell of a time trying to keep my family afloat. One thing I can say that helped me was leveraging my resume, and interview skills. If you can get a good impression in, then drop the whole F-bomb on them before actually accepting the job it might work. For me they just did a second interview where they let me explain everything to them. I was able to collect unemployment as well since my previous job let me go over the case. Finding housing can be tough as well but I know a couple tricks. Let me know if you have questions.
    5 months ago

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