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Having trouble finding a job as a convicted ex-felon? Unsure of what federal, and state programs there are, to help a convicted felon find jobs? Find Jobs, and companies that hire felons, view Federal Programs designed to help felons get hired at a job, as well as other information for convicted felons in your state, and city, on the jobs for felons network!

Looking for an apartment, condo, or house as a convicted felon, and don't know who will accept you? Been turned down because you are a felon, and in need of shelter? View housing properties that accept convicted felons located in the listing, along with Jobs, Federal Programs, and Information. All housing properties have full control over who they accept.

Choose your State below, or in the main menub above, to start browsing the jobs, housing, and federal programs for felons listing. Be sure to check larger companies, that hire felons, in your state, before checking your city. We are a newer free service, and do not have a full job and housing for felons listings for every city yet; however, we are growing daily, and encourage you to check back often, for new felons jobs and felon friendly housing listings.

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  • sex offenders groups
    6 days ago

    I'm looking for housing or apartments that rent to sex offenders in League City, TX. or south Houston, TX. can anyone shed some light on the subject ?!!!

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    6 days ago

    sex offenders groups

     all of u want to talk to me..... look at my profile... im here to talk and help.. all sex offenders need to talk to someone

  • Kphannaraj89 created a new topic ' Need a place to stay asap.' in the forum.

    I am looking for a place to stay out of the zones that I am not permited to be in. I am a low risk sex offender, and I am willing to pay rent and help clean around the house or place,

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  • efletcher1982 created a new topic ' Two Felon's With Kids need help with Housing on The South Side' in the forum.

    I am a mother to 5 children ages 12, 7,5,4,1 I work full time Monday thru Friday 9 am until 5 pm. I am currently engaged to the father of my children Mario Martinez, whom is disabled and felony conviction we both receive public assistance for health insurance and for food stamps as well. I do have a felony conviction on my background from 2005, I was convicted of Grand Theft, I am still paying restitution, and on probation and have not committed a crime since. We are currently in a moving dilemma, in February of 2013 we moved into what we thought was going to be our home for a while, many repairs needed to be made after moving in, they were done but not correctly because the same problems still persisted. Realtors changed, money embezzled and no repairs are the reasons for moving so much so that I have had to hire a lawyer, in which they are in the process of counter suing my current landlord/realtor. I have been given until June 14 to find a residence for myself and my family. We have been looking to move since January, and due to bad credit and a FELONIES no one has given us a chance to move in. Please help….. need some South Side Chicago Resources....

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