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Having trouble finding a job as a convicted ex-felon? Unsure of what federal, and state programs there are, to help a convicted felon find jobs? Find Jobs, and companies that hire felons, view Federal Programs designed to help felons get hired at a job, as well as other information for convicted felons in your state, and city, on the jobs for felons network!

Looking for an apartment, condo, or house as a convicted felon, and don't know who will accept you? Been turned down because you are a felon, and in need of shelter? View housing properties that accept convicted felons located in the listing, along with Jobs, Federal Programs, and Information. All housing properties have full control over who they accept.

Choose your State below, or in the main menub above, to start browsing the jobs, housing, and federal programs for felons listing. Be sure to check larger companies, that hire felons, in your state, before checking your city. We are a newer free service, and do not have a full job and housing for felons listings for every city yet; however, we are growing daily, and encourage you to check back often, for new felons jobs and felon friendly housing listings.

  • powermike03

    I'm looking for job in the Columbus ga area

  • elikni created a new topic ' Housing for felons.' in the forum.

    Housing for felons in Columbus Ohio.? Anybody? Anywhere?

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  • dolphinbaby Felon's girlfriends, wives, and children
    4 days ago

    Hey was wondering what can I do for my fiancee? He's in jail and almost no one is supporting him except me and a few other people. None of his family is supporting him. He's always accusing meof ccheating on him because I don't always answer my phone when he calls because he called from 8 am until 10 pm every couple minutes. I'm moving back to KS but will still be 4 hrs away from him so no one can complain that they r scared I will beat them up (his family will say that cuz true r ones who are pressing charges ) I really don't know what to do anymore. I donate plasma when I can which is usually twice a week just so I can accept the charges to talk to him. Thanks for any advice you can give me.

  • dolphinbaby
    4 days ago

    I'm trying to find a place where my fiancee me and our cats can live in Wichita KS. Right now I live iin Colorado Springs and he's in finney county KS jail. Please help as I'm on on a very limited income.

  • nursee100 created a new topic ' housing in Denver Colo. , and how can Xamire help' in the forum.

    I'm trying to help my friends and I need housing list for felon friendly houses apartments condos whatever anything get a place for them

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  • nanashawn
    1 week ago

    Need an apartment in Rochester mn Olmsted county

  • cfoster1217 created a new topic ' need housing in Winter Garden, FL' in the forum.

    Hi, my boyfriend and I became homeless January 24, 2015 after my boyfriend lost his job. He has a past felony charge from 2008 and now a current felony charge. We both are trying hard to get straightened out. We cannot find a place to accept exfelons.

    Can anyone help guide us to where to look for housing?

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