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Having trouble finding a job as a convicted ex-felon? Unsure of what federal, and state programs there are, to help a convicted felon find jobs? Find Jobs, and companies that hire felons, view Federal Programs designed to help felons get hired at a job, as well as other information for convicted felons in your state, and city, on the jobs for felons network!

Looking for an apartment, condo, or house as a convicted felon, and don't know who will accept you? Been turned down because you are a felon, and in need of shelter? View housing properties that accept convicted felons located in the listing, along with Jobs, Federal Programs, and Information. All housing properties have full control over who they accept.

Choose your State, in the main menu above, to start browsing the jobs, housing, and federal programs for felons listing. Be sure to check larger companies, that hire felons, in your state, before checking your city. We are a newer free service, and do not have a full job and housing for felons listings for every city yet; however, we are growing daily, and encourage you to check back often, for new felons jobs and felon friendly housing listings.
  • WipeRecord created a new topic ' New ‪Oregon Law Allows ‪Expungement‬ for Nearly All Felony Dru' in the forum.

    New ‪#‎Oregon Law Allows ‪#‎Expungement‬ for Nearly All Felony Drug Convictions. You may want to read the update below and if you can expunge your conviction, you may be able to get better housing and/or a place to live.

    Check out the full blog here:

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  • DwayneT
    4 days ago

    I'm a single dad of two looking for a night job

  • BridgetLesp07
    1 week ago

    Need help with felon friendly low income housing someone please help

  • jenort replied to the topic 'Finding housing' in the forum.

    i am in need of help finding a home to rent my husband gets out next month 8/11/16

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  • jenort replied to the topic 'looking for housing' in the forum.

    hi i am in phx,az and looking for help finding a home to rent ... my husband gets out 8/11/16 and we need to find a home for our son.. i would be helpful if you give my any info on where to look ... i have a good job 1 1/2+ please feel free to email me

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  • jenort Felon's girlfriends, wives, and children
    1 week ago

    hi im looking to rent a home my husband gets out 8/11/16 and i want a home not an apt... i have a good job bad credit and then my husband is a felon ... help anyone.. i do not want to to do rent to own,,,

  • joyjoy
    2 weeks ago

    Having difficulty finding housing

  • dragunzkit
    2 weeks ago

    I'm having difficulty finding employment and housing in stillwater Oklahoma due to my felony background. Can u help me out plz? I'm currently homeless and couch hopping and busting my hump hard to find a job. I look forward to reading your reply. Thank you, Dragunzkit

  • jencar
    2 weeks ago

    Please stay encouraged no matter what mistakes you have made in the past. Life goes on. I know because I am just like you and I refuse to let the past stop me. The worse thing to do is give up on yourself. I am starting my own blog page that may be helpful to you. Starting today, I will blog a different subject several times weekly. Maybe my first blog will help some of you now. Remember, I will blog several times weekly starting today. Be blessed!

  • WipeRecord created a new topic ' Learn how to clear your criminal record in Oklahoma' in the forum.

    WipeRecord, in conjunction with Legal Technologies, LLC is hosting a free expungement webinar focusing in Oklahoma. This will last 30 minutes and will cover the following:

    • What an expungement really does
    • The two types of expungements offered
    • Who is eligible for an expungement
    • What a "deferred sentence" is and how it increases your chances of expungement
    • How to expunge your own record!

    Register Here: Oklahoma Expungement Webinar

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