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Having trouble finding a job as a convicted ex-felon? Unsure of what federal, and state programs there are, to help a convicted felon find jobs? Find Jobs, and companies that hire felons, view Federal Programs designed to help felons get hired at a job, as well as other information for convicted felons in your state, and city, on the jobs for felons network!

Looking for an apartment, condo, or house as a convicted felon, and don't know who will accept you? Been turned down because you are a felon, and in need of shelter? View housing properties that accept convicted felons located in the listing, along with Jobs, Federal Programs, and Information. All housing properties have full control over who they accept.

Choose your State, in the main menu above, to start browsing the jobs, housing, and federal programs for felons listing. Be sure to check larger companies, that hire felons, in your state, before checking your city. We are a newer free service, and do not have a full job and housing for felons listings for every city yet; however, we are growing daily, and encourage you to check back often, for new felons jobs and felon friendly housing listings.
  • keith4066

    hi, i am looking for an apartment in slc, ut. as some of you might know that can be difficult. I anyone has any info on this please hit me up . Thanks

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  • agryphonb06 Right Path

    I have found my path and it is right for me. I stay steady on this course I will reach my happy place. My heaven. Blessed be. Bless you all.

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    What's the petition?

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  • Beautiful Disaster replied to the topic 'anyone know where to find a apartment that do not do background' in the forum.

    I am not looking for an apartment. I have a place to stay. If you look into staffing agencies then they might hire you. I got hired on from a staffing agency. I work at a warehouse. Good day. Talk to you later. See ya.

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  • Beautiful Disaster replied to the topic 'looking for a home' in the forum.

    I am not from that area. I don't know where you can find housing. You can try to go to a staffing agency to get a job. I went through a staffing agency. They got me a job less than a week. Talk to you later. I wish you the best. Good night.

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  • Beautiful Disaster replied to the topic 'Programs, and assistance for single moms with felonies' in the forum.

    You know if we are all Christ-like followers then we have no right to judge a felon because we don't know what they have been through, we don't know if they have been taken advantage when they were a child, so that is why they have a sex offense, we don't know why people rob, maybe they lived with a family that robbed a whole bunch of people, maybe they saw something and they do what their family does too. If you know Christ then Christ would love them anyways because Christ is love, Satan hates, Satan lies and Christ always tells the truth. Satan wants to kill, destroy, hate and lie too. Christ wants to show people love through other Christ-like followers in this world, Christ wants to harm no one and Christ is here for you. God loves everyone. I love everyone. Talk to you later. God bless you all.

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  • Beautiful Disaster replied to the topic 'Looking for answers' in the forum.

    We need to teach our children differently because we don't want them to get in trouble. Tell your eighteen year olds that is not okay to mess around with people that are under eighteen years old. Tell your children that drugs can get you in whole bunch of mess. Drinking can get you in a whole bunch of mess. Stealing from people can get you in trouble with the law. Teach your children how to behave in society. See ya. Have fun.

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  • Beautiful Disaster replied to the topic 'Rental needed asap for sex offender.' in the forum.

    I hate when people harass felons like sex offenders, but I saw under the fine print that you are not allowed to harass sex offenders and their families because if you harass them then you can get in trouble for it. People were harassing me, when I dated a sex offender, they were calling him all these names, they were saying Christians don't date sex offenders, they say I am judgmental, but they are judgmental and I am not judging a sex offender because I was dating him at the time. They say I hate people, but they are the ones that hate people. Misery loves company. The parole officer saw all their posts about this sex offender, so the next day all those posts went down about sex offenders because I turned it in. God bless. See ya.

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  • melvin
    2 days ago

    Anybody in Memphis hmu if you know any good jobs

  • Beautiful Disaster replied to the topic 'Need somewhere to live' in the forum.

    My ex-boyfriend was convicted of a sex crime. The girl said he lived downstairs because he lost his parents when he was younger. Then she blamed him for other stuff because he didn't pay rent. His mom stole his car, so they tried to blame him for stealing money. He didn't steal money. The nephew dressed up like my ex-boyfriend, but the nephew said he did it. The story is out. I hope he gets freedom soon.

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