Beautiful Day

#1 by Beautiful Disaster

I get it. He already went to pretrial. That is a pretrial before the trial. The trial is about the case against you. The lawyer picks out who will be the witnesses. He will interview people during the pretrial session. He didn't ask me to go, but it doesn't mean they won't make me go, but they have no evidence. They have nothing against him. My guyfriend said he is going to tell the judge he has a drug problem that needs to be fixed, so don't send me to jail for ten years. He wants me to be that girl. He was sending letters from his ex-girlfriend or girlfriend's house to people in jail. I sent her a letter then she sent him a letter. She is jealous of me because the man she loves has feelings for me. He got in trouble for drugs. She got in trouble for drugs. See. My guyfriend told the woman he loves that he didn't like her blonde hair, so she colored it black for him. She is mad at him. She is highly jealous of me. She is crack whore. She is a Meth head. She is fat. She is wide because she does so many guys. She is gross. I am in a relationship. The relationship is kind of difficult. He reads the Holy Bible. He wants to follow God. He prays. He used to go to church with me, but it is hard. I am happy. People know about him. I want to be happy too. I am not racist, but I feel more comfortable around people my own race. I really don't like bossy ladies. I don't like loud people. I like my own kind. I have always like my own kind. I felt uncomfortable around people because I don't understand Spanish. God bless. See ya later on. We can hang out. I got two letters, today. I don't know what kind of letters my man sent my family. I got a letter from a friend. I got a letter from a friend. I knew I got those two letters. I already wrote them letters. I am doing my work right, so nobody is saying anything about me plus get my man in trouble then he is almost out of the trouble then you want nothing to do with him, so fishy.

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