Getting a job as a social worker with drug felonies

#1 by Ashire

So I've recently finished my BSW and graduated Summa Cum Laude. I've won numerous community engagement awards, and gotten quite a bit of attention from local advocacy agencies who are interested in employing me. Unfortunately due to a federal funding requirement on the part of agencies, they are not permitted to employ anyone who is a level 2 offender, which for drug felons means for life. In the offending state there is no process for expungement or clemency except through the board of pardons, which I will not be eligible to apply for another 4 years. This is largely due to a lengthy pre-sentence diversion program I engaged in successfully, working my way through the Connecticut Drug Intervention Program, now garnering a continuous stint of sobriety numbering several years at this point. I am at a loss, I feel like I cannot find any jobs in my field, and with $50,000 of student debt looming, and child support to pay, I fear it may be impossible to avoid re-offending because I cannot get a job to pay my support and remain not homeless. I'm desperate to find something I can do. Due to numerous health issues and disabilities I am completely unable to do manual labor, so restaurants, tradework, and construction are out. Those are traditionally the path towards employment for felons. I working hard with ORS to find something I can do, but so far I have been unsuccessful. There must be something for a recovered disabled combat vet to do in social work these days that will allow for me to have previous drug offenses. Help!