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    6 hours 27 minutes ago
  • not sure how all this works either, cant see my messages! i just saw something about u starting your own business! good luck to you! but i live in florida! NC too far away LOL
    9 hours 32 minutes ago
  • Glad to be here. !st one was just messed up
    11 hours 5 minutes ago
  • Stuckintyme is friends with tracyrickrob
  • new @ this figure out group and invites soon have to for now fortunately I gig this afternoon. I'll bookmark for now, found the friend thing.
    13 hours 6 minutes ago
  • Okay...Nice pic
    14 hours 41 minutes ago
  • go to b here
    14 hours 50 minutes ago
  • My older brother asked me the other day if I had found a job yet. I told him no. Every time they get my background back they don't hire me. He told me there has to be a way for the Equal Employment Opportunity to help get me a job. Well, I talked to an Attorney and he said that because of the fact that my arrest record is public information, the EEO is not responsible for ex-felons not getting a job. And that if the business does not want to hire ex-felons it is not part of the EEO and therefore is not a Discrimination cases.

    Go figure, right? Any way, there are a million NO's out there and there are some YES's. Our challenge as ex-Felons, is to find that YES!

    It is hard, tiring, and depressing, but we have to inform each other when we get down and out, and when we think that we have a job. Just if we are smart and think about things and take our time and go day by day, we will make things better.

    We were at the bottom of our hole when we were in prison or jail. Now all we have to do is start climbing the walls step by step and do not stop for anything.

    I have put in I know a 1000 apps and resumes since I got out in January. But you know what, I refuse to let the system and society stop me. I need to help my 72 year old mother pay her bills and mine. Which right now she is paying. It is killing me for her to pay this stuff. I did the crime and should be able to pay for it myself, not letting her pay it for me. She loves to go to flea markets and that is where she needs to be spending her money. Not on my restitution, fees, and fines. It is not right!

    If you guys know of places that hire ex-felons put your apps in. And even if you think they don't they might just surprise you.

    But tell them that you can get bonded, and that the IRS will give them a one-time tax credit of $2,400.00 for each ex-felon they hire. And the United States Department of Labor will bond us at no cost to the employer. But we got to get hired before we get bonded.

    Good luck, and God Bless. I'll keep all of you in my prayers to find employment and housing!
  • Good afternoon everybody. Anybody know of any jobs in Orlando or kissimmee area that'll hire felons? Im in desperate need of a job.
  • Any warehouse or any decent jobs hiring in Peoria, Arizona, Glendale, or Phoenix? Jobs that welcome hard working individuals that have a felony?
  • I really need help finding an apartment in clackamas county. I have literally have looked everywhere and no place will take my boyfriend and I. I'm 35 weeks pregnant. I really wabt my family to live together. He just got a good paying job at sysco. It's very upsetting that every place is denying us. Someone please help us out :/
    2 days ago
  • Does anyone know of a apartment that is accepting felons in Az
    2 days ago
  • Kelvin5 uploaded a new avatar
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    2 days ago
  • Hi everyone, im Tito and I was wondering if anyone knew about any third shift positions hiring felons. im in Greenville, n.c.. warehouse, shipping and receiving, machine operator, material handler, forklift operator, stocker,packer. can anyone help ??
    3 days ago
  • ceazar22 uploaded a new avatar
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    3 days ago
  • I'm desperate for work and need to find a new apartment within two weeks! Any suggestions???????
    4 days ago
  • Any felon friendly places I n Detroit area
    4 days ago
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