About Us

We are devoted to felons, wishing to obtain employment, and any other necessary help, and information, to better their lives. You can use our free services to search for local businesses that hire felons, find felon federal/state program information, and get support from other members. There are no charges for using any services on the Xamire Network.

Why the name Xamire? Xamire is nothing more than a branding name. Instead of using "felon" we opted for a more organization branded approach, that's a unique name; as you unique as you, and me!

Established in 2010 Xamire Felon Help Network started with only a few employees, and volunteers. We were ready to make a change in how convicted felons are treated, and give them an edge in the workforce, housing needs, and other necessities in life. Today Xamire is a full fledged felon-help community, job, and housing listing, as well as a local program and service.. and so much more.


Our Services

Jobs - Housing - Programsfelony-friendly-award
Find Employers that hire people with felonies, and view employment programs for felons, and other information in your state. Find a job and get hired with a felony conviction! 


Find apartments, townhouses, condos, and houses for rent that accept felons, in your area, as well as viewing the latest federal and local programs to assist felons, and agencies that will also help you obtain work, housing and other necessities as a felon.

Felon Help Community
Meet new people, discuss felon topics, and help each other. The felon help community is the basis of our entire social network at Xamire.com. User profiles, latest forum discussions, felon help groups, and much more are directly connected with the felon help community, and are shown as a "recap" on the community homepage.

Felon Cause & Service Groups
Have a specific cause, service, or blog for felons, and want to keep many people updated?
Groups are a new free service, and is meant for users to keep other members informed on
felon related topics such as movements, causes, services, discussions, and more - easily! 

Felon Help Discussion
Ask specific felony-related questions, and help others by sharing knowledge, Information,
and resources, in felon help discussions.

Local Felon Events
Find felon specific events happening in your area, or any city throughout America.
Community members are able to add local felon events as well, and help others!


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